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Whether you want to wow your guest or just add an extra touch of beauty to your house, we can lend a hand. Our granite varies in colors and styles. Hi, my name is Leo, I am one of the owners of St. Jude Granite. My co-owners and I worked for years in the granite industry. We have more than 18 years of experience in cutting and installing granite. Once we were able to, we decided to join the industry on our own and opened our granite business. In the time that we have worked as partners we have made our customers happy. We put our best effort in making sure your granite counter tops are perfect. We work great as a team, and are ready and eager to work with you. We have always exceeded our customers expectations and they are always very content with our work.

Aside from adding granite counter tops you might still feel a missing piece to your lovely home. Along with co-owning St. Jude Granite I also own a hardwood flooring company. I started working in hardwood floors about 21 years ago. With time I learned everything there was to learn about hardwood flooring. After 6 years of working as an employee I decided to open up my own business in that industry. I have owned R&L Hardwood Floors for 15 years and I enjoy it. Hardwood floors, like granite counter tops, also have a variety of colors and styles. I have done many custim designs on floors even for my own home. I tend to be a perfectionist, so I always put my best effort in making sure the customer gets exactly, if not more than, what they expect. For both companies, R&L Hardwood Floors and St. Jude Granite, we do offer free estimates. As I mentioned before, we are ready and eager to be able to work with you.

Thank you!

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